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Information about using our new server

All sites have now been moved to our fast, new, dedicated server. The old server account was closed on Monday, October 11, 2004.

This page offers some suggestions for managing your site in the new environment. Please refer also to the series of e-mails you received during the migration of your files, or during the creation of your new site. The messages contain valuable information you'll be needing from time to time. For security reasons we cannot reproduce all of that information here; the following sections assume you have access to the site creation mail. If not, you should contact us.

To receive help from our support staff, e-mail support@humanists.net. This address forwards to Jes Constantine.

Humanists.net Webmail

If your address ends in @humanists.net, use the Webmail (on the left) link to check messages in your browser.

(Other domains: your Webmail link is webmail.domain.org - where domain.org is your domain name.)

Note that on the new server's Webmail page, you may choose between Squirrelmail, our long-standing application, and Horde Mail, a new offering. (Back to top)

E-mail clients

You can use any standard e-mail client (program) to check mail on our server. The incoming and outgoing mail servers should be set to mail.domain.org, where domain.org is your e-mail address's domain name. Of course, your password must match that on the control panel for your e-mail account. If you are having trouble with an e-mail program, please contact your webmaster or ISP for help. In the vast majority of cases, problems accessing e-mail involve factors we have no control over at Humanists.net.

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On our new server's control panel, you can administer your website and all its users and features. To do so, log in at the link provided in your site creation e-mail. (Use the link above to contact us if you've lost it.)

The control panel is an important link for you to save. It is where you will take care of most tasks involving passwords, e-mail users, and site options. We recommend that you familiarize yourself with the control panel's features.

PASSWORD: Click on the "Edit" icon and use the Password and Password Confirm fields to supply a new password. Save by pressing the "OK" button on the bottom right. (Note that we do NOT have access to your password. If you lose it, we must assign a new one and start over -- so please keep your password in a safe place.) This password affects only your Web control panel login. Your FTP password is set separately, by you, inside the control panel (see below). (Back to top)

Site updates

PASSWORD: On the new server, your FTP/SSH password is separate from your control panel password and separate from any e-mail passwords - although you may choose to make them identical. To edit your FTP/SSH password, first click on "Home" in the left menu bar under "General." Then, scroll down to your list of domain(s). Click on your domain name. Then click on the Setup icon (lower on the page than Domain User) and proceed as described above under "Control Panel." (Note that we do NOT have access to your password. If you lose it, we must assign a new one and start over - so please keep your password in a safe place.)

When FTP or SSHing in, your hostname is now yourgroup.humanists.net where yourgroup is your subdomain name. (For primary domains, it remains as before - your domain name.) Put your website files in the directory /httpdocs. If you don't like FTP or SSH, you can use the "File Manager" of the control panel to upload, rename, move, copy, and delete your files. (Back to top)

Databases (MySQL)

On the control panel you will also find tools to access and administer any MySQL databases you may wish to create. (This is an advanced skill you should attempt only if you have MySQL knowledge.) You will need to use the Plesk tools to create databases and database users, if you desire them. However, once in place, we recommend you administer your database(s) at our own install of phpMyAdmin rather than the one offered by the control panel. This information was in your site creation e-mail. (Back to top)

Miscellaneous info

CROSS-LINKS: We link to all hosted sites on the front page of Humanists.net. In return we ask that all hosted sites link back to Humanists.net from a prominent place, preferably the opening page. If you have not already done this, we recommend the following:

<a href="http://humanists.net">
<img src="http://humanists.net/images/hostedby.gif" border="0" alt="Humanists.net">

If you prefer an animated version of this graphic, use the following code instead:

<a href="http://humanists.net">
<img src="http://humanists.net/images/hostedby_ani.gif" border="0" alt="Humanists.net">

A text link is also acceptable, but please do mention that we are your Web host. We also appreciate links to our main site at http://humaniststudies.org/ and to our Continuum of Humanist Education site at http://humanisteducation.com. Logos for the latter site are located at http://humanisteducation.com/graphics.html. (Back to top)

SUPPORT:E-mail us at support@humanists.net if you have specific problems or questions. This address reaches two of us, increasing your chances of an faster reply. Please do not use the ticketing system on your control panel. (Back to top)

USER COMMUNITY: You are encouraged to register with the user community bulletin board offered by our server company, Host Nexus. There you'll find other customers and tech support folks exchanging ideas and helping each other with minor problems. You may find this to be a useful resource. The address of the user community is http://nexusportal.net/. (Back to top)

HUMANIST NETWORK NEWS: We urge all our users to sign up for our free weekly e-zine, Humanist Network News (HNN), at http://humaniststudies.org/lists/. Through HNN you'll stay up to date with news and IHS announcements. And now, of special interest to webmasters: HNN can even be syndicated on your news or home page just by inserting our special block of HTML code that always displays the most current headlines automatically for your site visitors. Easy instructions are available at http://humaniststudies.org/enews/syndicate_hnn.html. (Back to top)